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Be a leading blockchain developer in the Philippines

About the Bootcamp

SparkLearn EdTech's Blockchain Developer Bootcamp (BDB) is a 12-week online bootcamp focused on teaching the fundamental concepts and key tools in the smart contract and decentralized application (dapp) development.

The bootcamp offers live office hours with the mentors and multi-modal content, interactive exercises, and hands-on projects created by industry experts in blockchain technology.

In August 2021, the first cohort for BDB was launched. Seven participants were awarded a Non-Fungible Token Certificate of Participation for finishing the bootcamp.

Don't miss out to join the second cohort now!

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Email us at and we'll answer any questions about BDB.


  • 12-week self-paced bootcamp, 15-20 hours per week
  • Exclusive Slack channel for a direct chat with facilitators, mentors, and cohort members
  • Dedicated GitHub repository for projects and technical coordination
  • Exclusive one-on-one live office hours with the mentors
  • Continuous customer support from the SparkLearn EdTech team
  • Maximum of 35 cohort members for optimum instruction
  • 1-year access to the multi-modal content after the bootcamp ends
  • Networking with other BDB alumni and partner blockchain companies
  • Non-Fungible Certificate (NFT) issued on Binance Smart Chain upon successful completion of the capstone project
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Ideal Students

The bootcamp's ideal students are software developers with a background in general web development or Computer Science/Information Technology students who want to learn building decentralized and Web3 applications.

However, if you have minimal background in programming, you can still join the bootcamp as long as you have good math fundamentals, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, and you are analytical and creative.

Bootcamp Coverage

  • Meet and Greet the Mentors and Facilitators
    • Cohort Orientation
      • What is Solidity?
        • The First Step into the Blockchain Network
          • Ethereum and Ether (ETH)
          • Contracts and Wallets
          • Testing Networks and Faucets
        • Your First Blockchain Transaction
          • Transferring Ether (ETH)
          • Network Explorers
          • EthereumTransaction, Blocks, and Gas Prices
        • Our First Smart Contract
          • The First Step into the Blockchain Network
            • Remix IDE
            • Hello Solidity contract
            • Contract Deployment on Ropsten
          • Going In-Depth with Smart Contracts
            • Contract structure
            • Storage
            • Functions
            • Payable function
            • SafeMath library
            • Address library
          • Altcoin Project
            • The First Step into the Blockchain Network
              • IDO Project
                • NFT Project
                  • INO Project
                    • Proxy contract
                      • Eternal Proxy Storage contract
                        • IPFS
                          • Fun and exciting games that will give everyone a break
                            • Prerequisites, Before You Take This Course
                              • Overview of Web3
                                • What are Dapps?
                                  • Setting Up the Tools
                                    • Test Web3.js Connection in MetaMask Wallet Using window.ethereum
                                      • Accessing Etherscan’s API
                                        • Setting Up an Etherscan Account and Getting Free API Key
                                        • Calling Etherscan API on React Using Fetch or Axios
                                        • Utilizing Testnet: The Ropsten Network
                                      • Understanding Info Returned by Etherscan
                                        • Initialization and Accessing Methods and Properties
                                          • ERC20 Token Contracts
                                          • Getting Total Supply, Balances, and Other Information
                                        • Ether Denominations and How to Convert Them
                                          • Web3 Connection Using Infura
                                            • Creating and Recovering a Wallet in Web3.js
                                              • Getting Test Tokens from a Faucet
                                                • Broadcasting a Transaction
                                                  • Preparing a Transaction
                                                  • Signing and Sending
                                                • Web3 and Traditional Cyber Security
                                                  • Avoiding Security Issues and Vulnerabilities on Web3
                                                    • Encrypting Sensitive Data We Store in Our DApp
                                                      • Final project for this bootcamp

                                                        Note: This curriculum is subject to changes

                                                        Refund Policy

                                                        You can request a refund, with a 5% cancellation fee deduction, up to 2 weeks after the start of the bootcamp. Refunds will be sent back to the original payment method within 5-10 business days. To request a refund, send a message to

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                                                        Frequently Asked Questions

                                                        If you have an existing account on SparkLearn Web App, it will direct you to Bootcamp Payment Page and you can pay either in ETH, SRK, BNB, or SRKb. Else, if you don't have an account, it will redirect you to the Sign-Up page where you can create your account.
                                                        There is a maximum of 30 cohort members for optimum instruction. You may check our social media pages to get updated on the remaining slots for the cohort.
                                                        You can register in both FIAT and in Crypto. You can start by sending an email to and the team will respond to your email with the instructions.
                                                        We are also mainly looking for students with good math fundamentals, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and someone who is analytical and creative. It would be beneficial for you to learn object oriented programming languages since you will be programming with the rest of your cohort members to create your capstone project.
                                                        Feel free to reach out to and we can answer your inquiries. We can also set up a call for you depending on your inquiries.